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I love this. If you actually look closely you can see people, I didn’t even realise at first !


Epic Photos Expose Mankind’s Uneasy Relationship With Water

Edward Burtynsky’s work can be seen as a 30-year-long meditation on the prime forces that shape our modern world. Through projects like Oil, Quarries, and Manufactured Landscapes, he’s developed a singular approach to presenting stop-you-in-your-tracks images of the staggering impact of human activity.

Burtynsky and his team are true to form in Water, a jaw-dropping survey in photos and film of the most essential substance to life on Earth.

“There are alternatives to oil,” he says. “There’s electricity in solar and wind, and electric cars. We can begin to do workarounds, albeit not rapidly, but over time we can work around and find alternative energy. But there is no alternative to water. It’s either there or it’s not.”

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Yes, I have slept in past 3pm
And yes, my clock was wrong because I thought it was 1:30.

I regret nothing.


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